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Десятый. Юбилейный. 30–31 марта 2019

If I can make a Language Server, so can you!

What is this strange Language Server Protocol? What does it do? Who is it for? Why do I care? - Said everyone looking at this session. The goal of this talk is to explain what the Language Server Protocol and show you that even you can make a Language Server. Do you regularly have to use a language like php or python? What if I told you there were language servers for those languages and more! Do you have a custom Domain Specific Language? What if you could make a extension for your favorite editor that could understand your DSL and make it easier to work with? What if I said you could do this in a day or less? LSP can let anyone do this! In this talk you'll experience more than just VSCode working with LSP, you will see other editors and other implementations of the protocol. So if you prefer C# over TypeScript or something else there is a choice for you!

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